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Why Should You Migrate to United Kingdom

1. Top Class Education

The United Kingdom University of Cambridge is rated the 3rd best educational institute in the world while the University of Oxford is ranked 6th. The selection of colleges in this country is unparalleled in quality and variety.

The universities offer many scholarships, student exchange and other interactive activities for interested students. In 2014, United Kingdom attracted approximately 126,000 international students to its universities.


2. Work Opportunities

In 1993, 7.2% of United Kingdom total employment comprised of foreign born immigrants. Today, the percentage has grown to 16.7%. There has always been a steady increase in the international work force and it is continually rising.

Though a large part of this trend involved migrants occupying low-skilled positions, there are still many opportunities available today for qualified and experienced workers. The nation’s minimum hourly wage is currently 7.20 pounds, which is around 12.86 Singapore dollars.


3. Multicultural Exposure

United Kingdom is known to be an interesting melting pot of multicultural diversity that has helped to mould the nation’s unique personality. There are many festivals and exhibitions held in the country that reflect its varied flavours.

For immigrants, United Kingdom can offer much that reminds them of their own countries while experiencing it all in a new environment. It is also a good place for you to meet people from many different countries, socially or for business.


What’s Wrong with Most Migration Agents

1. They Do Not Guarantee Your Success

Most United Kingdom migration agents do not have the approach or methods to improve your approval chances. They usually end up only filling up your application forms.

Every year, there are more than 100,000 applications for United Kingdom Permanent Residence (PR).  If your migration agent does not help you to differentiate from the other applicants, how are you going to convince the officials to approve your United Kingdom PR application?

A lot of United Kingdom migration agents often leave errors or inaccuracies in your paperwork. One small mistake in your documentation is sufficient to get your entire application rejected.


2. They Delay Your Migration Process

Most United Kingdom migration agents are small firms with only a few employees working in it. They lack the manpower and resources to work on your United Kingdom PR application quickly.

It is common for some to even take up to 6 months to start processing your case. Even if you could obtain your United Kingdom PR, the entire turnaround time to migrate to United Kingdom would take around 2 years.

Most migration agents are also not competent enough to handle complex and challenging cases. Worst of all, their ignorance and inexperience could even jeopardize the approval of your entire application to migrate to United Kingdom.


3. They Neglect Your Case

Regular follow-up plays a significant role in preventing delays or even the complete rejection of your United Kingdom PR application.

Many United Kingdom migration firms do not bother to keep track of their clients’ latest application status. Cases are often kept aside and forgotten until clients check with them.

Most migration agents also lack the adequate follow-up systems and technology to monitor each individual case. They often miss out on critical compliance deadlines, causing your United Kingdom PR application to be completely revoked by the United Kingdom immigration authorities.


Why Should You Choose GLOBE

We do not just handle the processing. We maximize your approval chances.

At GLOBE, you will learn the insider industry secrets of United Kingdom PR screening process and how we can maximize your chances of approval.

We prepare and audit all your forms and documents such that they comply with the United Kingdom immigration accepted standards.

We also help you to differentiate from thousands of other applicants with the use of additional documents and an immigration cover letter. As we always say, it is not just about how you blend in, but also how you stand out.


Icon_Fast Approval

GLOBE has a vast pool of experienced and trained consultants.

To accelerate your migration to United Kingdom, we always assign a team of 3 highly qualified United Kingdom migration specialists to handle your application concurrently.

Our migration specialists also have the most up-to-date knowledge and diverse experience to help you migrate to United Kingdom smoothly without any downtime.


Icon_Constant Progress Reports

At GLOBE, we have an efficient management system that allows us to monitor and track every one of our clients’ applications.

Our United Kingdom migration specialists regularly update you on the progress of your application so as to constantly keep you in the loop.

Our GLOBE team responds promptly to all your enquiries and requests to ensure that you always have the most updated information on your application status.


Why Should You Trust GLOBE

At GLOBE, we have helped over 10,000 locals to successfully migrate to their desired destination countries.

We specialize in:

  • Skilled migration
  • Business migration
  • Investment migration

We also work in close collaboration with United Kingdom government agencies such as:

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