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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past few years, many countries have tightened their immigration laws due to increasing security concerns. The immigration authorities now screen PR applications in a very strict and conservative manner. Therefore, it is important to engage a professional immigration company that can help you stand out from the other applicants and maximize the approval chances of your PR application.
There are many benefits to being a permanent resident in any country. Such advantages include improvement in lifestyle, career opportunities, better education, housing grants and subsidised healthcare. Please refer to the individual country pages for more information.
Australia and Canada use a points-based system to determine if they should approve or reject your PR application. They will assess your profile factors such as age, working experience, English language ability and qualifications. If your overall point is the same or higher than the cut-off point, you will receive an invitation to apply.
There are 3 basic types of companies providing PR application services:
a) Agents: They usually provide services that you are capable of doing yourself. They will help you to fill up your application form and tell you the compulsory documents to provide. These are procedures which you can easily learn online. You get no real value from their support. Why pay for something that you can do by yourself?
b) Consultancies: Consultancies often operate the same as law firms. They possess the expertise to process your PR application and provide added value in the form of practical advice. GLOBE is the only local consultancy that can guarantee you a high success rate in your PR application. We possess a significant amount of knowledge and experience that can help to migrate to your destination country smoothly.
c) Law and Accounting Firms: Law and accounting firms usually charge very high prices for their services. Their clients consist mostly of corporate entities. However, immigration is not their main business and they are not able to increase your approval chances as much as we can.
In your first free consultation with our immigration consultant, we will be assessing your eligibility through a few questions. After which, we will advise you on the necessary steps you should take to ensure that you can successfully migrate to your destination country.
EOI is a method to indicate your interest in applying for a skilled visa in order to migrate to countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It is an online form consisting of questions about your skills. The questions will differ depending on the visa subclass. The EOI will be used to evaluate whether you meet the points test for some visas. It can also be made available to employers and state and territory government agencies should you want to be considered for a sponsored skilled visa.
There are 3 types of skilled migration subclass.
a) Subclass 189: This is the skilled independent route. You will be able to live anywhere in Australia with this subclass visa. However, to go through this route, your occupation has to be on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL), and you have to meet the minimum requirements of the occupation.
b) Subclass 190: This is the skilled sponsored route. Occupations on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) require a state sponsorship. However, a state application is dependent on the state availability.
c) Subclass 489: This is the regional sponsored route. It is a 4-year provisional visa, which can be converted to a permanent residence visa if you have fulfilled the visa requirements. Regional sponsorship is subjected to state availability as well.
Yes. However, different province has different requirements. Our immigration specialist will advise on the requirements of each province as well as assist you with the monitoring of the available provinces.
For Australia, if you do not meet the age requirement, you will not be able to migrate to Australia as the main applicant. However, you can still obtain your PR status through family application if your spouse or children are eligible for migration to Australia. Our immigration consultants will be able to advise you further during our free consultation.
For Canada, there is no age requirement. However, if you are not within the age bands of the Canada points system, you stand a lower chance to get your PR application approved. Hence, it is crucial that you engage a good immigration company to help you to stand out from the competition and maximize your approval chances.
Some documents are required to be notarised in order to be accepted by the immigration authorities. Our immigration specialists will advise you on the required documents to be notarised and how you can go about certifying these documents.
A Statutory Declaration (SD) is a third party legal document in which you declare that the statements made are true and correct. It has to be witnessed by a notary public.
If you are unable to produce any of your compulsory documents, you will be required to provide a declaration letter to explain your situation. GLOBE offers the service of drafting such letters.
A lot of applicants tend to make the mistake of submitting documents that are not relevant to their cases. Our immense experience in the immigration industry allows us to identify the correct additional documents you need to submit to increase your chances of approval.
Our professional writer will give you a call and conduct a simple interview with you. Through this interview, we will be able to understand your background before writing. Once the first draft is completed, we will send you a copy for vetting and amend accordingly.
All applicants applying for their PR are required to provide proof of their English competency. The minimum requirement is at least 6.0 in every component of IELTS (General Training). Exceptions only apply if you hold a valid passport issued by the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, or if you are a citizen in any of these countries.
However, if your occupation requires a state sponsorship and/or you require additional points to be contributed to meet the minimum passing score, you will be required to take an English language proficiency test.
IELTS or TOEFL test result can used to certify your English competency. These test results are usually valid for only 2 years. Should they expire, you will be required to re-sit for an English proficiency test.
If you are applying to migrate to Canada, you should take the General Module. If you are applying to migrate to Australia, it depends on the requirements of your visa or assessment authority for skills. You will be informed by our immigration specialists on the module you should take for your IELTS.
You will be required to obtain your medical and police clearances only after you have received the invitation to apply. As there is a validity period for these clearances, it is not advisable for you to obtain them in advance. Our immigration specialist will advise you on how you can go about getting these clearances done.
You are advised not to go for any X-ray checks if you are pregnant. However, after you have given birth, you should go for the full medical test as a criterion for your PR application. As such, a delay in your application progress is inevitable.
Yes. If you are not physically available in Singapore for a meeting, all correspondences will be done through emails and phone calls. You will also be required to submit your documents to us through courier services.
As a permanent residence visa is tied to your passport, you would need to inform the relevant authorities with regards to the change in your passport details.
Citizenship is the ultimate permanency that an individual can hope to achieve. There is a set of requirements to be met for one to obtain citizenship. Our immigration consultants will be able to advise you on the different criteria for each individual country.
Permanent residents are usually able to enjoy local school fees in government schools up to secondary level. For private schools and tertiary institutions, educational fees for PRs are usually subsidized by the government.
No. Migrating as a permanent resident does not affect your current citizenship status. Should you decide to apply for citizenship after fulfilling the requirements in that country, you could still keep your current passport if your country allows dual-nationality. Otherwise, you will have to surrender your current passport after acquiring citizenship in the new country. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States are countries that allow dual-nationality.
Currently, GLOBE does not offer job placement services. However, our services have allowed many of our clients to secure full-time employment in the countries they have migrated to.